The wound dressing innovation DryMax Sensor has been approved for CE marking


The company Absorbest AB is active in medical technology and specializes in advanced wound treatment. Under the DryMax brand, wound dressings with high absorption capacity are manufactured that simplify wound treatment for caregivers and patients around the world. With the product innovation DryMax Sensor, they are now entering a new phase for innovative joints.

DryMax Sensor – innovative wound dressing with printed electronics
DryMax Sensor is a superabsorbent wound dressing for exuding wounds. The product basically consists, like Absorbest’s other wound dressings, of a superabsorbent core which with high absorbency encapsulates the wound fluid without leakage. What distinguishes DryMax Sensor is the technology of printed electronics that will provide advice to caregivers and patients when it is time for a change of dressing.
The dressing has a paper-thin display which indicates when the dressing is saturated and it is time for replacement. Thus, no reading instruments are required to interpret the display, which makes it easier for the care staff but also contributes to an increased involvement of the patient who may feel more involved in their treatment.
– We developed the technology together with the research institute RISE, which was of great importance for this project. The technology can be very valuable for both caregivers and patients, says Jenny Sandh, project manager and development manager at Absorbest AB.
– The caregiver does not have to change dressings more often than necessary and can at the same time be calm in that the product helps to guide when it is time for dressing changes. For the patient, it is also valuable with fewer care visits, increased awareness of the wound fluid and a discreet display that does not interfere or get in the way.

Approved for CE marking and upcoming phase
DryMax Sensor has been approved for CE marking by third parties, which takes Absorbest into the next project phase. The product has been reviewed in several stages; from materials to production and product tests with good results. But despite the CE marking, DryMax Sensor is not ready to be made available on the market.
– We are now entering the next phase, which includes commenced production of DryMax Sensor in our production facility. The product will then be tested on a larger scale together with selected clinics before it becomes available to the large market, says Jenny.
– We have a good idea of how the product should be used, but further studies will show how it is actually received by users in everyday life and if there are parts we can optimize. In collaboration with our selected clinics, we will in the next phase work to get more data about DryMax Sensor. We have a hope that the product will then be available on the market in 2022.

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