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New development out of the printed electronics arena – Electrochromic Stickers.

Watch as RISE Research Institutes of Sweden researchers, Dr. Robert Brooke and Dr. Ioannis (Yiannis) Petsagkourakis, PhD talk about their latest research – adapting display technologies (usually on plastic) to self-adhesive substrates.

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Recently, researchers at The Printed Electronics Arena have developed a highly conductive corrosion resistant ink by coating silver flakes with gold. This newly developed ink has been published in the international journal, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces as a cost-efficient and scalable approach to avoiding corrosion. Read the full article here:…





Developed in the Mistra TerraClean Project, RISE researchers discuss their all-printed electrochemical array.




Recently researchers at RISE and the Printed Electronics Arena have developed and published a new electrochromic display that is manufactured using screen printing in the reverse order of layers so that the displays can be printed on opaque substrates such as paper.






Latest research coming out of the printed electronics arena: All-printed electrochromic displays based on prussian blue and PEDOT:PSS. See our researchers (Peter Andersson Ersman, Ioannis (Yiannis) Petsagkourakis, PhD and Ulrika Boda) discuss their latest research accomplishments in the video!

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Multicolored Electrochromic Display Technology!

In this video RISE researchers Ioannis (Yiannis) Petsagkourakis, PhD and Robert Brooke talk about the use an organic active material (PProDOT-Me2) to create all-printed colored displays.

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 Electrochromic displays on transparent nanocellulose.

See our researchers Peter Andersson Ersman and Kathrin Hübscher talk about their latest display technology developments.

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Latest research on large-scale paper supercapacitors at the printed electronic arena by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) researchers.

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Latest research published on logic circuits and organic electrochemical transistors using a combination of screen printing and aerosol jet printing.


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Latest research at the printed electronic arena focusing on advancing electrochromic display technology with matrix addressing.

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Researchers from the Digital Cellulose Center, working in the Printed Electronics Arena have recently published their results on a new organic energy storage ink and its application in supercapacitors.



New research in organic electronic materials. A new method developed by RISE researchers combines Screen Printing with Vapor Phase Polymerization. 

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This video describes the recent research and development on environmentally friendly carbon inks by researchers at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) at the Printed Electronics Arena in Norrkoping, Sweden. The carbon ink was incorporated into all-printed electrochromic displays and energy storage devices.

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