Sustainable Electronics

Sustainable electronics refers to the environmentally conscious design, production, use, and disposal of electronic devices. At RISE Printed Electronics, we investigate how bio-based materials, such as wood and paper, can replace hazardous compounds and components in electronics, aiming to reduce their climate impact and promote a circular economy.

Valerio Beni
Dagmawi Belaineh Yilma
Jesper Edberg

The EU-funded HyPELignum project seeks to demonstrate, via a holistic approach, that the combination of additive manufacturing, wood-based materials, abundant transition metals and advance sustainable assessment, can lead to the conceptualization and manufacturing of net-zero carbon electronics.


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CircEl-Paper contributes to the aim to increase the amount of e-waste recycling in the EU by feeding it in the paper recycling process that is well established throughout the EU and accepted by the consumers.


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