MedTech and Health


Along with health monitoring and diagnostic sensors, RISE researchers have been involved in projects where electrochromic display indicators have been incorporated to alert healthcare workers to issues.

Valerio Beni
Xin Wang
Yusuf Mulla

In collaboration with Absorbest AB, RISE has developed a MedTech device used for chronic wound treatment. A printed and passive sensor circuit capable of detecting when a wound dressing should be changed. The ultrathin sensor is placed under the bandage and an electrochromic display, placed outside of the bandage, will indicate when liquid has started to leak.

Newlife project is aiming to develop innovative non-invasive technologies for gathering vital data on mothers and babies, and build cloud-based solutions for their presentation, securing life in its most vulnerable phase. The Newlife consortium members will research how advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be used to fully exploit novel technologies and solutions. For clinical acceptance, the developed solutions need to be seamlessly integrated into clinical workflows with proper data integration, security, safety, and medical qualification.