At the intersection of art and tech

The team at PEA and RISE Printed Electronics are proud to explore the outer boundaries of technology, collaborating with innovators, entrepreneurs and artists. During the winter 2019/20, a collaboration with artist Farvash Razavi lead to a funky, techy and beautiful electrochromic creation.

As a part of the performance an electrochromic device was used, accentuating the futuristic and ominous atmosphere. The device used a multitude of segments and drive protocols, designed, prototyped and manufactured at the Printed Electronics Arena. It is one of the most sophisticated designs using electrochromics to date. The device was built using components as stainless steel, 24k gold, Pedot:PSS, Electrolyte, Pigment, Dielectric, Carbon and Silver. Drive protocols and control was designed by Yusuf Mulla and the printing made by the printing team at PEA, in particular Jessica Åhlin, Marie Nilsson and Kathrin Hübscher.


Misschiefs is a groundbreaking feminist exhibition of contemporary collectible design that showcases a unique group of ten trailblazing Swedish women designers selected for the punk nature of their work, at the crossing of design, craft and art. In each city Misschiefs visits, a woman gallerist or curator is invited to select one woman artist of her choice to join the show. Misschiefs was meant to be an international exposition in seven different locations, Stockholm-Milan-London among others, but was discontinued after the start in Stockholm due to the covid pandemia. Several of the the selected artists all share a common background from the Konstfack, Sweden’s largest university of arts, crafts and design, founded in 1844.




Farvash Razavi is currently working as an artist, and concludes her studies at the Royal College of Arts in London.

Farvash has been working at the intersection of art and tech in many formats; paper and cellulose, nanocellulose and magnetic particles, exploring novel formats, expressions and uses.

The Paradox Tale of Logic Gate is Farvash’ performance and exhibition within the context of Misschiefs  – 10 leading Swedish female artists – exhibition and performances in pre-corona times. The performance comments the situation in Iran and sufferings of the Iranian people, bringing in parts of Iranian culture and history in a surreal and fictional context.

Paradox Tale of Logic Gate is a fictional tale, it remarks upon behaviors of control within the human, how personalities are designed-for-purpose.

Paradox Tale of Logic Gate is a territory, a “no-land”, yet connected to “landedness” through rules and citizenship. The citizen of no-mans-land relates to their environment as if it were a control room of gaming: the build-up of character, designed behaviour. State tools control the citizen, the citizen obeys, waiting for permission to pray.

Sepah, meaning:  Pâsdârân (پاسداران) is the plural form of Pâsdâr (پاسدار), meaning “Guardian”, and members of Sepah are known as Pāsdār, which is also their title and comes after their rank. … The US government standard is Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, while the United Nations uses Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. (Wikipedia)

Paradox tale of Logic Gate;

Don’t worry babe;

It’s the Gate of Logic;

faceless is either;


Citizen of no man lands;


Techno soldier;


As the voice of public;


Constructed as I, machine;


Imagined Myth;


Maybe it’s an arranged belief;


Dear Sepah;

Don’t worry babe;

Its just Logic