Printed Electronics Arena

Printed Electronics Arena

A Clear Vision

The vision for the PEA (Printed Electronics Arena) project is to create lasting, sustainable growth in the region surrounding Norrköping by commercialising and utilising the solid research and development that has been carried out at Linköping University and the research institute RISE Acreo within the field of printed electronics since 1998.

The objective is to establish cluster networks with respect to printed electronics, where participating companies are able to exchange experiences and make use of the research and development results that have already been produced. For instance, this may involve cooperation in marketing activities, workshops, production and product development.

PEA is actively run with Norrköping Science Park as custodian. The project is financed from the ground up by VINNOVA and the goal is to make the innovative environment pertaining to PEA globally competitive within a decade. Contributions from the European Regional Development Fund via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth have also been invested in the project. Regional co-financiers are Norrköping Municipality and the Östsam local federation.


This is Printed Electronics

New electronic materials, such as electric conductors and semiconductors in plastic (polymers), have made it possible to produce electronic “ink”. This ink can be used to draw electronic components and circuits on paper or plastic.

The process can be automated by using printers (e.g. inkjet printers) or printing presses, which allow for the mass production of electronics known as printed electronics.

The Backbone of Swedish Ventures in Printed Electronics

Within the framework for Printed Electronics Arena (PEA), the Swedish Research Laboratory for Printed Electronics has now been established thanks to a donation of around SEK 25 million from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Together, the equipment in PEA and the new laboratory embody Europe’s most state-of-the-art facility for research and development into tomorrow’s production. The laboratory will constitute the backbone of Swedish ventures in Printed Electronics.


Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing

Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing (PEA Manufacturing) is a test environment for the development and small-scale production of printed electronics, and is run by the research institute RISE Acreo.

PEA Manufacturing was founded in mid-2008, and since then has worked with entrepreneurs, large and small enterprises, and trade associations. The results of research from Linköping University and the research institute Acreo drives forward development in the test environment.

RISE Acreo

RISE Acreo offers innovative and value-creating ICT solutions – from idea to prototype – for sustainable growth in business and society. Our strength is hardware. We provide expertise within digital communication, life sciences, environmental technology, and industrial production. RISE Acreo has 145 employees in Kista, Gothenburg, Norrköping, Lund and Hudiksvall. Acreo is a part of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Linköping University

Linköping University (LiU) is one of Sweden’s largest educational institutions and we are one of the universities that offers the most programmes oriented towards professions such as medicine, teaching, business administration and economics, and civil engineering. We conduct research in myriad areas and we have strong, international research environments within new materials, IT, disability studies and many more.

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