Screen printed OECT and Peter Andersson Ersman Researcher at RISE

OECT operate at the highest frequency to date

Publicerad: 26 August 2021

New study: Researchers from RISE and LiU have designed screen printed logic inverters based on organic electrochemical transistors (OECT) that operate at the highest frequency to date, with switching frequencies of 20-30 Hz. “Tailor-made design of OECTs and OECT-based logic circuits will better meet the needs of end users for faster circuits that require lower voltage”, says Peter Andersson Ersman, Researcher at RISE.

The study shows how to design screen printed OECT-based inverters for low-voltage and high-frequency operation, and it also serves as a guide for customization and optimization of the OECT-based circuit performance. This, in turn, paves the way for low-cost manufacturing of tailor-made circuits that can be used in a variety of emerging IoT applications, for example within smart packaging and in (bio)sensor platforms.

Tailor-made OECT

“Our OECT is unique in the sense that it is completely screen printed. We have tailor-made several different designs to suit the requirements of a variety of applications, whether its lower energy consumption or higher frequency”, says Peter Andersson Ersman.

The understanding of screen printed OECTs, and OECT-based circuits, is further advanced by the study. The report elaborates on a number of critical parameters, such as operation voltage, switching time, power consumption, operational lifetime and amplification, by evaluating different designs of the logic inverter circuit.

Screen printed OECT operating at the highest frequency to date

The results show screen printed logic inverters and ring oscillators that reach switching frequencies of 20-30 Hz, which is about one order of magnitude higher as compared to previously reported screen printed OECT-based circuits, despite using an operation voltage window of only 1 V.

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The study “Designing Inverters Based on Screen Printed Organic Electrochemical Transistors Targeting Low-Voltage and High-Frequency Operation” is published in Advanced Materials Technologies.

screen printed OECT