We work with and do research
on Printed Electronics

We work with and do research
on Printed Electronics

We work with and do research on Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics Arena is a swedish competence hub, working together with swedish businesses and researchers within printed electronics. Below is a list of businesses and researchers working with or producing products involving printed electronics. Would you like your company to be listed here? Contact us.


Mevia provides intelligent solutions to increase the quality of medical treatments. We develop solutions for improving adherence – the greatest challenge in medical treatments. We manage to do this by increasing the patient support and providing personal adherence feedback in real time. We work closely with our clients to develop innovative packaging and IT solutions that provide patients with the best possible experience

Linnea Olsson, CTO, Mevia


In the scientific community, our liquid light concept is known as the Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cell (LEC). From a distance and a layman’s perspective, this technology is very similar to the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED), as both technologies use a flat planar structure in which the light-emitting organic layer is sandwiched between two conductive electrodes.


Sensible Solutions

We provide new products and concepts for environmental sensing based on wireless, RFID and printed sensors. Our incontinence and bed protection alarm combines the hygiene benefits of a disposable barrier product with effective incontinence management and therapy, patient comfort and care quality.



OTS works in the area between defence industry and end users. We help these parties to find each other in the complex process of an identified need to development and final deployment in a live environment. Through us we can maximise the product potential for both supplier and end user.

Gustav Kimblad, VD, OTS

Thinfilm Electronics

Thinfilm is the global leader in the development and commercialization of printed electronics and smart systems. We print electronics, allowing us to produce ultra-high volume at low unit-costs—a unique combination of scale and affordability.



InviSense offers solutions to minimise the negative effects of moisture in building constructions. Today it’s impossible to know moisture levels inside a bathroom wll for instance, without damaging the wall itself. With InviSense moisture sensors (with thickness in the micrometer range) placed on moisture sensitive places you are able to discover leakages and moisture at the earliest possible stage and minimise costs for renovation.
Björn Garplind, VD, InviSense

DP Patterning

DPP (Dry Phase Patterning) is a new technology that not only revolutionizes the manufacturing of electronic circuits – it turns it upside down. Our process is based on mechanical machining of the material, rather than the traditional use of chemical etching. This brings you instant advantages such as cost-efficiency and significantly reduced production times. But it is also the choice for everyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution that meets tomorrow’s demands.



Epishine will provide affordable solar energy for people living in rural and remote areas. They are often paying the highest energy prices and their current solutions are either health damaging or bad for the environment. We will replace those and offer clean alternatives they can afford. Our first product is a two-module portable energy device consisting of an exchangeable solar sheet and a charging device comprising a battery and USB-ports for powering lights and charge mobile phones. Next step is lightweight village solar systems for rural areas. Final step is huge lightweight and floating solar plants.



Beneli AB’s business concept is to develop, produce and sell printed and die-cut self-adhesive solutions. We shall be positioned at the top of our respective product and business areas and our goal is to be recognized as a company that delivers advanced products of high quality and constantly develops new solutions.


Gamleby Screen

Co-operation with our clients sets new requirements on our ability. For many years we have the confidence of large clients to find new and fun ways for large displays. We have the proper procurment channels, the large contact network, the right logistics and equipment, the correct materials and colors and we still have the feeling that we’re mastering a craft. In this we take great pride.



Redoxme AB is an outcome of an entrepreneurial process based on exploitation of an academic technology at Linköping University. The main activities include the design and manufacturing of highly specialized setups for in-situ multiple response measurements including electrochemical, optical, thermal and electrical signals of thin film materials with focus on Printed Electronics.


The work is carried out within the strategic innovation program “Smartare Elektroniksystem”, a joint effort from VINNOVA, Formas and Energimyndigheten.

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