Welcome to the World-Leading Arena
for Printed Electronics

Welcome to the World-Leading Arena
for Printed Electronics

New electronic materials, such as electric conductors and semiconductors in plastic (polymers), have made it possible to produce electronic “ink”. This ink can be used to draw electronic components and circuits on paper or plastic.

The process can be automated by using printers (e.g. inkjet printers) or printing presses, which allow for the mass production of electronics known as printed electronics.


Explore the Possibilities
of Printed Electronics

At Printed Electronics Arena you can evolve your products for a connected world. We can create products in new forms, from individual components to entire systems. With conventional production technology as a base and by utilising smart electronic materials, we can develop sensors, prototypes and hybrid systems – which combine the best of several worlds – for diverse industries, such as Wearables, IoT, Medtech, Industry 4.0 and smart packaging.

We assist large and small companies with technology development and prototyping, and we also offer advice and serve as a sounding board for the commercialisation of technology.


Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing

Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing (PEA Manufacturing) is a test environment for the development and small-scale production of printed electronics, and is run by the research institute RISE Acreo.

PEA Manufacturing was founded in mid-2008, and since then has worked with entrepreneurs, large and small enterprises, and trade associations. The results of research from Linköping University and the research institute Acreo drives forward development in the test environment.

Share Your Ideas in Our Open Innovation Platform

PEA Open is an open project wherein everyone is able to share their ideas for new solutions. Right now at the start of the project, we are gathering ideas for applications linked to biosensor platforms, which you can read about below.

We are experts when it comes to technology, but cannot always foresee the fantastic solutions to which the technology can lead. We believe that these solutions are to be found with you. Please share your ideas in our open idea platform.


Cold-chain sensors for Doctors Without Borders, a project initiated via PEA Open.

About Printed Electronics Arena

Our vision is to create lasting, sustainable growth in the region surrounding Norrköping by commercialising and utilising the solid research and development that has been carried out at Linköping University and the research institute Acreo Swedish ICT within the field of printed electronics since 1998.

The objective is to promote cooperation with respect to printed electronics, where participating companies are able to exchange experiences and make use of the results produced through research and development. For instance, this may involve cooperation in marketing activities, workshops, production and product development.

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Are you curious about printed electronics and how they can be used in your business? Do you have an idea for which you think printed electronics may be the solution? Or do you need to identify a way to save money in your production of electronic components? Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss this with you.

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